Icinga to go

Icinga to go offers an easy way to access your Nagios or Icinga network monitoring instance. Either have a comprehensive and powerful browser UI, but this is far from optimized for mobile devices. You may install additional apps for these devices, e. g. aNag. If you do not want to install an app or you are not allowed to, this is for you:

This package contains two user interfaces:

Basic interface

This interface is suited for low end devices or devices without a touch screen. All services are listed, warning messages are sorted to be on top for easy review.

Ansicht der einfachen Oberfläche

jQuery Mobile interface

Your touch screen device may use the jQuery Mobile interface. It contains three views to show the overall status, the host status and the service status. The design is inspired by the Chrome browser plugin Icinga-Status.

Overview All hostsAll services

The source code repository and the Install instructions can be found at GitHub.