New details list for imoin

Submitted by Erik Wegner on Wed, 08/06/2014 - 21:46

The Add-on has now a new display for the host and service details.Image removed.

There are a couple of this to do before a new version will be released:

  • There is still a problem with the filter which does not hide enough elements. 
  • The texts will be hyperlinks to the Icinga pages.
  • The R triggers a recheck.
  • The A opens the Icinga page to acknowledge the problem.
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See the status of your Icinga or Nagios instance at a glance in your browser.

This add-on needs an Icinga or Nagios server to query. Multiple servers are supported.
A nice toolbar icon summarizes the state of all monitored hosts and services.

Clicking the icon opens a panel with details for errors and warnings, all hosts and all services.