Submit commands implemented

Submitted by Erik Wegner on Sat, 08/09/2014 - 23:31

The most important task is now complete. In addition to a detailed list of your hosts and services you can now execute the two main tasks:

  • reschedule the service or host check
  • aknowledge a problem

After one week of testing by me, I'll submit the new version to Mozilla. Stand by for further announcements and monitor the GitHub repository.

The bravest of you can test to and pick a prerelease here.

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See the status of your Icinga or Nagios instance at a glance in your browser.

This add-on needs an Icinga or Nagios server to query. Multiple servers are supported.
A nice toolbar icon summarizes the state of all monitored hosts and services.

Clicking the icon opens a panel with details for errors and warnings, all hosts and all services.