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SharePoint-App On-Premise

Submitted by Erik Wegner on Wed, 02/25/2015 - 20:41

A new tutorial is completed: How to write a High Trust-App for SharePoint for non C# languages. The tutorial highlights how to access the API with the Bearer-Auth-Token.

High trust apps for SharePoint on premise with node.js

Please note: Node.js is not strictly required for this kind of technology. But it shows the basic approach, you can reimplement it in any other language like PHP, Python, Java, Perl, etc.

Because I did not find any article about this topic that has all the details, here are some keywords for crawlers:

SharePoint 2013, App, HighTrust, s2s, Server2Server, OAuth 2.0, ACS not available, Azure, Microsoft Cloud, SharePoint Store

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