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Imoin for Chrome Browser

Submitted by Erik Wegner on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 11:39

The imoin add-on is now an official item in the Google Chrome Webstore. You can find it here:

This release now supports:

  • Icinga 1
  • Icinga 2
  • Nagios Core 4.0.7+ (JSON)
  • older Nagios instances through html parsing.

Happy monitoring!

For support please visit the Wiki. An issue tracker is available at GitHub.

Don't forget: it is also available for Firefox:

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See the status of your Icinga or Nagios instance at a glance in your browser.

This add-on needs an Icinga or Nagios server to query. Multiple servers are supported.
A nice toolbar icon summarizes the state of all monitored hosts and services.

Clicking the icon opens a panel with details for errors and warnings, all hosts and all services.