A Firefox and Chrome Add-On to have your Icinga / Nagios monitoring system in your browser.

Firefox Add-on page:

GitHub repository:

The software was announced in this post, more news are available at imoin tag.

This is what it looks like (during development):




It doesn't work on firefox 55.0.2 (64 bits) and imoin WebExtensions 16.0.1

I've "Connection error. Check settings. SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data" message

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Same error here.

It seems Imoin expects JSON from https://<myserver>/nagios/cgi-bin/status.cgi?jsonoutput but my Nagios® Core™ 4.0.8 sends html instead.

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FF 56.0b8 (64 bitů), Icinga 1 Imoin 16 does not work .

Imoin 14 OK


I'm using Firefox 55.0 (64 bits) and can't get imoin to do anything useful, I've just installed it since nagios watcher doesn't work with the new firefox anymore.

If I click on the imoin icon I get a new window with lots of 'undefined'. Could it be the URL? What is the correct URL to Icinga 1.13? Is it just '/icinga' or '/cgi-bin/icinga/status.cgi'?

I've tried a couple of different formats but nothing happens.


Einfaches übersichtliches Plugin, das sogar mit Check_MK zusammenarbeitet, über den dort vorhandenen Nagios Core!

Herzlichen Dank!