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Submitted by Erik Wegner on

This is the second announcement today for my Firefox Add-On imoin: after some testing with authentication headers, accessing the Firefox password manager and building a simple web server with authentication, the imoin Add-On can now use the already stored password, so that it works instantly after starting Firefox. This is the good part.

The new code brought up a current issue with Firefox itself. Well, there are a few more issues in the SDK when it comes to accessing the stored passwords. For example, an Add-On can read all your stored passwords. And it has to, because there is no way to bring up the default "Enter your credentials here" dialog. And reading the passwords is done asynchronously, which is surprising, because preferences are a big array with synchronous read and write access. Sadly, there is no password-type preference.

After all, the code seems to be working. Unless you ever used FireFTP to store a password. This just crashes the runtime.

Does someone know how to remove theses entries from the password manager?

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